Google AdWords

Google’s pay-per-click advertising system allows you to place text ads for keywords relating to your website. When a searcher uses your keyword in a Google search, your ad appears in a shaded box to the right of Google’s organic search results. AdWords also appear on partner sites using Google AdWords advertising. When a searcher clicks on your ad, they are taken to your website and you are charged for the click-through.

AdWords are a great way to increase site exposure and traffic. They can also be used to jump-start search engine marketing while waiting for “organic” search engine optimization to take effect.

Many keywords are sold at a low rate of 5 cents per click, although click-through prices can increase as keywords become more competitive. We are successfully running Google AdWords campaigns for many clients, as well as other OnYourMark, LLC websites. We have found AdWords to be an extremely cost-effective way of advertising online.

We can create and manage Google AdWords campaigns just for you! AdWords campaigns can be customized to meet any marketing budget and goal. In addition to creating your campaigns, we offer extensive campaign management and support to ensure your AdWords are a productive part of your marketing mix.

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